Welcome to Dancers Domain.

In order to comply with new EU GDPR laws we have decided to take the step of simplifying our site and removing a lot of pages that we previously had. This includes removal of our directory, email list, hosting, shop and options for commenting on pages and posts.

We’re very sad at having to take these steps as were working to build a dance community but since this is currently part-time for us and we cannot afford to take on a Data Protection Officer to ensure that we comply, we have decided to remove these options and to delete all email lists and dance school data. This may change in the future. Our Terms and Conditions will be updated before the 25th of this month in accordance with new rules.

Original Ballet Class Music

A daily workout of Barre and Centre pieces. Download or stream original ballet music from Dancers Domain.

Click on the left to purchase from our own store or see below for iTunes. Or do your full class workout for free by signing up to Spotify or Apple Music and creating your own daily practise playlist.

New pieces and styles coming very soon!

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